Sports CLUB at Estates Elementary School 


Registration Fee:

$40 per family non-refundable

After School Rates:(2:45pm-6:30pm)

Full Week (4-5 days):

$50 per child

Partial Week (2-3 days):

$36 per child

Daily Fee (1 day):

$18 per child

Morning Program: (6:30am-7:45am)

$15.00/weekly per child

Full Week Morning & After School:

$60 per child

Full Day Rate School Year: (6:30am-6:30pm)

$20/ daily per child

Early Release Days: (11:50 am-6:30pm)                             

$15  for single day attendees.

*For partial or full week attendees there is no additional charge for Early Release Days*

Acceptable Payment Methods:


Personal Check or Money Order

(Cash not accepted)

**$2 fee with use of Credit Cards**


A $10 late fee will be applied to accounts with an   unpaid balance on Wednesday of each week.

Late Pick-up Policy

$1 per minute will be charged for late pick-up. Late pick-up fee must be paid in cash.

Returned Check Fees

$35 per returned check. Once a second check is returned, payments will become credit or money order only.


Sports CLUB offers each child the unique opportunity to use their gift of choice; we understand that not all activities are suited for each individual child.Sports CLUB is a program designed with the whole child in mind. We strive to promote social, educational, and physical development through our activity choices.Students choose from 4-5 activity options per 45 minute rotation. School days usually consist of 3 rotations plus an academic unit.


One of Sports CLUB’s goals is to enhance education. Our academic program encourages students to focus on completing homework before play. During this time, Sports CLUB provides experienced staff to assist then students with whatever questions they may have and to check that the completed homework is accurate.

Sports CLUB has an   early literacy program as well as science and technology programs at all  locations to provide additional academic enhancement. Sports CLUB also offers movement based learning activities.



•Only authorized persons listed on the enrolled application may Sign-In/Sign-Out students.

•Photo ID must be presented upon request

•Child information sheets containing emergency contact information must be updated regularly.

•There will be designated times for snack, homework, and physical activities.

•Children may not be left unattended before or after program hours.

Sports CLUB has the following rules:

•Treat others as you would like to be treated.

•Respect the rights and property of others.

•Participate in planned activities.

•Listen to and follow instructions given by counselor.


The following will not be tolerated:

Bullying, teasing, screaming, tantrums, defiance, inappropriate language, and destruction of property.


Sports CLUB uses the positive behavior model by acknowledging positive behavior, however, the following steps will be taken if a child’s behavior becomes disruptive:

♦Step 1: Verbal Warning

♦Step 2: Redirection

♦Step 3: Parent/Guardian contacted


*Physical violence or behavior that results in an unsafe environment for children and staff will result in an  automatic suspension.

Sports CLUB uses incident forms to document  situations that are unacceptable. These forms are filled out by the staff and must be signed by a parent/guardian. Sports CLUB will keep the form, however, a copy is available upon request.

Sports CLUB prohibits children from being subjected to discipline which is severe, humiliating, frightening, or associated with food rest, or toileting. Spanking or any other form of physical punishment is prohibited by all personnel.


Important Dates


Contact and Enrollment Information

5945 Everglades Blvd N.

Naples, FL 34120

Sports CLUB Phone: 239.348.2389

EES Main Office Phone: 239.377.6600

EES Enrollment Packet