The Sports CLUB Center

Contact Information

Contact Information

3275 Pine Ridge Road
Naples, FL 34109
Sports CLUB Phone: (239) 566-2582


The Sports CLUB Center

Currently, we are busing children from:

  • Big Cypress Elementary
  • Calusa Park Elementary
  • Collier Charter Academy
  • Lake Park Elementary
  • Laurel Oak Elementary
  • Mason Classical Academy
  • Naples Park Elementary
  • Seagate Elementary
  • Veterans Memorial Elementary



SCC Enrollment Packet


Meet The Director

Site Director:
Alex Slack

Alex Slack was born and raised in Naples, FL where she attended the Community School of Naples grades K-8th.  She competed at the varsity level in cross country and track all four years during high school at Barron Collier High School.  After graduation, she moved out to California to attend Pepperdine University but decided to move back to Florida to pursue a degree in Psychology at the University of Miami.  Alex has been involved with Sports CLUB since its opening in 1999 as a summer camper.  She gradually worked her way up from a camper to a counselor, to a director.  Working at a total of 5 different sites throughout Collier County under our most experienced directors, Alex is a perfect fit for director of the Sports CLUB Center.

SCC Enrollment Packet

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Fees for The Sports CLUB Center

  • Registration
  • $40/ Per Family
    • Non-Refundable

  • Daily/Weekly
  • $12/ $48 for the week
    • Per Child

  • Early Release
  • $15/ Daily
    • Per Child

  • Full Day Camp
  • $25/ Daily
    • Per Child

Acceptable Payment Methods:
Personal Check or Money Order
(Cash not accepted)
**$2 fee with use of Credit Cards**
A $10 late fee will be applied to accounts with an
unpaid balance on Wednesday of each week.
Late Pick-up Policy
$1 per minute will be charged for late pick-up. Late
pick-up fee must be paid in cash.
Returned Check Fees
$35 per returned check. Once a second check is
returned, payments will become credit or money

Enrollment for The Sports CLUB Center

To enroll your child for The Sports CLUB Center after-school program, please complete the following enrollment forms and turn them in at least one day prior to your child starting.


A Typical Day at The Sports CLUB Center

Sports CLUB begins as soon as your child is picked up at their school by our staff. Sports CLUB counselors on our buses/vans have an attendance list indicating which students have been signed up for our program.  Children who are on our attendance list and sent to our pick up line are checked in and brought to the Sports CLUB Center.

Upon arrival at the Sports CLUB Center, children are instructed to place their backpacks on designated shelves and are then sent to free play and snack time. All children must wash their hands before snack. Sports CLUB provides one snack per day per child. Around 3:45, after the final bus arrives and all children have had snack, our daily rotations begin!

After-school children are divided into three age groups: K-1, 2-3 and 4^. Within these groups, they are presented with various rotation choices every 45 minutes. Activity schedules are made daily to ensure that all children get a variety of options throughout the week. We are constantly striving to make their after-school experience as fun as possible and the Sports CLUB Center has a lot to offer; children have access to our enormous playground, an updated game zone room, a brand new computer lab, an indoor hardcourt for a wide variety of games, a grassy field for outdoor sports, a covered pavilion with a basketball court and scooters, a bounce house, a trampoline jump shot game and designated areas for group games, legos and arts and crafts (to name a few).

Monday-Thursday, the first rotation choice of the day always includes homework. If you would like to ensure that your child chooses homework as their first daily rotation, please inform the front desk at pick up. While Sports Club is unable to tutor your child, we do provide a quiet homework environment with necessary supplies and will do our best to answer their homework questions.



How does my child get to the Sports CLUB after-school program?


As a parent, you need to contact the front office of your child’s school to request a change in transportation to Sports CLUB. At dismissal, your child’s teacher will take your child to a Sports CLUB designated area. Your child will check in with a Sports CLUB staff member when they arrive.

Where and what time can I pick up my child?


For pick up, please bring a photo ID every day to the Sports CLUB check-out location. Please contact your child’s individual site for exact location of Sports CLUB check-out. The times for pick up can be any time between 3:15 and 6:30 pm.

Does my child need to attend every day?


No, your child is not required to attend every day, however, please be advised of your child’s site payment policy.

How does payment work?


Payment is due the first day of your child’s attendance regardless of the Sports CLUB location. Parents will need to notify the director the amount of days your child will be attending that current week on the first day of your child’s attendance. We only accept payment in the forms of credit card, in-state check, or money order. Click the following link for fees.

What are some of the specific activities?



Our daily activities program includes but is not limited to the following: arts and crafts, baseball, cheerleading, dance, floor hockey, football, free play activities, homework assistance, kickball, lacrosse, ping pong, scooter games, soccer, tumbling, and volleyball. We also have various special events throughout the year. Children are encouraged to make positive choices for themselves by selecting an assortment of activities each day that provides both physical and mental benefits.


What if we need after-care but our child does not enjoy sports?



One of the best things about Sports CLUB is that we truly are “All About Choices.”  If your child does not wish to participate in a sport rotation, then they are able to choose another rotation that better suits them.  Sports CLUB also offers a variety of activities including: arts and crafts, board games, dance, indoor and outdoor group games.


What if I cannot afford after-school care but want my child to attend Sports CLUB?


Sports CLUB is a participant in the Early Learning Coalition of Southwest Florida and has its own scholarship program. Please contact the local site director for more information regarding scholarship application deadlines.

What is the organizations staffing policy?


All Sports CLUB staff members are state and federal background checked prior to employment as well as child care facility training through the Department of Children and Families. Sport CLUB also requires each staff member to attend yearly in-service trainings including first aid and CPR courses. Although the State of Florida requires a staff to child ratio of 25:1, Sports CLUB strives to maintain well above the minimum by maintaining a 18:1 ratio.

SCC Enrollment Packet